Each year, all classes focus on respect and responsibility. Learning programs aim to teach children resilience, good peer relationships and being kind.

Student Welfare

Our school is committed to providing a safe and happy environment which enables each child to enjoy learning to the best of their ability.

Community Values

Beacon Hill Primary is proud to take its place as a member of the wider community. Our commitment is to reinforce community values by teaching and encouraging respect, honesty, self discipline, participation, excellence, democracy, integrity, responsibility, cooperation, excellence and kindness. Our prestigious Aussie of the Month Award is presented to a child from each class who tasks-on-board the value. These wonderful ambassadors are presented to the school community at a K-6 Assembly and announced in our newsletter.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) enables the students to raise matters within a democratic framework and to develop ways to support community charities. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are represented on the SRC. Classes from Year 2 to 6 have two elected reps, whilst the school's vice captains represent the Kindergarten and Year 1 classes.

Encouragement Awards

Students at Beacon Hill are expected to follow school rules and to do their best at all times. We have an extensive Encouragement Awards system which is followed by all teachers and extra curricula staff.*


Beacon Hill has a specific social skills program implemented during Term 1 each year. The aim of this program is to teach children how to socialise with one another and what to do if they experience any form of bullying.*

Child Protection

All classes implement the child protection lessons designed to equip children with knowledge and strategies to help them protect themselves. A parent information session is conducted before the implementation of the program.

Life Education Program

To encourage children to respect themselves, the Life Education Program is taught throughout the school. This program discourages the use of drugs and encourages a happy and healthy lifestyle. Young children love Healthy Harold!

School Rules

No Hat, No Play

In an effort to reduce children's exposure to the harmful sun rays, we have a no hat, no play rule. A variety of shady trees and covered play areas are provided for children to play under.*

* For more information please refer to the Student Welfare Policy | PDF download.