Each year, all classes focus on respect and responsibility. Learning programs aim to teach children resilience, good peer relationships and being kind.

School Information

Absence Notes

By law, children are required to attend school. When a child is absent from school, the parents must inform the school in writing. The letter must state the child's name, class, date of absence and a reason for the absence. This information is recorded on the class roll which is a legal document.

From time to time, families travel and/or holiday during the school term. Although this may cause disruption to child's learning, exemption from attendance at school may be granted to children in excess of fifteen days. Application forms are available from the office.

BHPS Skoolbag App - "NEW"

To ensure effective communicate with parents and wider community at Beacon Hill Public School we are currently using the BHPS’s Skoolbag App. Currently there are over 500 users taking advantage of the many facilities that this FREE app provides such as information and alerts that are unique to our school. This App provides the opportunity to, see at a glance, if events have been updated or cancelled via a push notification. Parents can notify the school of a student absence straight away via the App. It also includes information links such as our schools newsletters, news, an events calendar, cancellations, school notices, school information, school timetables, parent sick note forms and school documents.

You can download this App for free from the Apple and Android App stores.


Only students from Year 3 to 6 are permitted to ride their bikes to and from school. All students must wear a safety helmet. Bikes must be walked in the playground and locked in the bike shed.

Bus Passes

Forms are available upon request from the school office. Timetable inquiries should be directed to the Bus Depot at Brookvale.


We are proud of our healthy foods canteen which has won consecutive Diamond Awards by the NSW Canteen Association. Our beautiful state-of-the-art canteen operates each school day.

Court Orders and Custody

From time to time Courts issue orders relating to custody and access rights. It is essential that these court orders are supplied to the school so we can comply. Without the relevant documentation, both parents are considered legal guardians.

Kindergarten Checklist

What do you need to organise before your child starts school?

Leaving Early or Arriving Late

There are occasions when parents require their children to leave school early. A note explaining the reason and signed by the parent must be given to the child's class teacher. Parents are required to sign the register which is located at the office before leaving the school. These procedures also apply to a child being late to class.

Lost Property

Please ensure all personal items, including school hats and jumpers are clearly labelled. The Lost Property cupboard is located in Tristram Block. Parents and children can access this facility throughout the school day. Unclaimed property is usually sent to the clothing pool or Stewart House.

Out of School Hours Centre

The Before and After School Care Centre is a service to help parents who require their children to be well supervised and constructively engaged before and/or after school by experienced and qualified child care workers. Find out more here.

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The safety of our children is of high concern to all of us. Parents are advised to park their cars legally at all times. Do not park in the bus stops or within the No Standing zones which are clearly marked. This applies to dropping off or picking up children. Police and rangers regularly patrol these areas and infringement notices are issued. Parking is available at Beacon Hill oval or in one of the side streets. If you park across the road, please get out of your car to collect your child. Parents are not permitted to drive onto school grounds at any time. Let's all work together to ensure our children are safe.

There are two "No Parking" sections. One in Tristram Road and one in Willandra Road. You are permitted to "kiss and drop" during the morning only.

Remember the speed limit around the school is 40 km/h between 8.00am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

Permission Notes and Payment

Permission notes are issued to all students at the beginning and end of each term. They provide information about the nature of the activity, costs, transport, items to bring and supervision arrangements.

Our preferred method of payment is using the Parent Online Payment facility. You may also pay in person at the office or your child can return the note with payment. We accept cash, cheque or credit card.

Scripture and Primary Ethics Classes

Half hour scripture lessons are provided by visiting volunteer scripture teachers on Wednesday mornings. Children may attend one of the following of the scripture lessons: Catholic, Protestant or Baha’i.

Primary Ethics classes are also available to various grades as an alternative to Scripture or Non Scripture classes.

Road Safety

Students are taught road safety during the school year. Parents play an important role by setting a good example and obeying the road rules. There is a wombat crossing in Tristram Road which is supervised between 8.15am and 9.15am in the mornings and from 2.30pm to 3.35pm in the afternoons. There are traffic lights on the corner of Tristram and Willandra Roads which should be used to cross the roads safely.

School Times

8.35am Staff on playground duty, children play on asphalt
9.05am Lessons commence
11.05am Recess
11.25am Lessons recommence
12.55pm Lunch
1.45pm Lessons recommence
3.00pm Lessons conclude

NOTE: Kindergarten classes are dismissed at 2.30pm for the month of February from the main pedestrian gate. Parents should wait at the front entrance or at the picnic tables.

Children being at school outside these times should attend the Before and After School Care Centre.

School Uniform

At Beacon Hill Primary School we have a neat and distinctive school uniform which helps foster pride in oneself and one's school. Our school colours are black and white.

Student Banking

Student banking is available most Tuesdays of the school year. For Kindergarten children, all relevant information is sent home within the first month of starting school.

The Beacon

Our weekly newsletter is called The Beacon. Information about school and community events is published on most Thursdays. Parents will receive The Beacon online. Hard copies are available upon request. On occasions, special notes will be sent home with your child.

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