The uniform shop is open on Wednesday mornings from 8.40-9.30am or by appointment.
A photo of students wearing BHPS summer uniform A photo of students wearing BHPS winter uniform

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is provided by the P&C and is run by a sub-committee.  The P&C employs one person part time to manage the Uniform Shop  but we still rely on volunteers to make chair bags and lunch bags, to serve customers on Wednesday mornings and to participate in managing the service through the Committee meetings.

Beacon Hill Primary School has a neat and distinctive school uniform which helps the students foster pride in themselves and their school. Our school colours are black and white.

Parents can purchase the school uniform in the uniform shop located in Beacon Block which is parallel to Willandra Road. The uniform shop is open on Tuesday afternoons - 2.30pm-3.15pm and Wednesday mornings from 8.35-9.30am or by appointment. The Uniform Shop also has a mail box in the school office.  You may place order forms and payment in their mail box and orders will be delivered to your child in class or available for pick up at the office.

You may exchange any purchased item if you have the original receipt and if the item is in original condition, unworn and with tags.  Remember to keep your original receipts for your Education Tax Refund.

The Uniform Shop is an important service to our school but we do not operate it as a fundraiser. We seriously consider the quality and price of the uniforms we sell and value any feedback from customers. 

If you have any questions or feedback about the Uniform Shop you can pop a note in the Uniform Shop mail box in the office, marked attention to the Uniform Shop Committee.

You can now shop online and either have the items sent to you at home, collect from the uniform shop or have the items sent to your child's class. 

Girls' Summer Uniform

Girls' Winter Uniform

Boys' Summer Uniform

Boys' Winter Uniform

Sport Uniform

House Colours

NOTE: Parents will be advised of their child's sport house at the uniform fittings. Children with siblings at Beacon Hill will be placed in the same house.