Our impressive
state-of-the-art canteen operates each school day.
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Healthy Foods Canteen

The canteen is provided by the P&C and is run by a sub-committee.  The P&C employs two coordinators part-time to operate the canteen but we still rely on volunteers to help prepare and serve food and to participate in managing the service through the Committee meetings.

Our impressive state-of-the-art canteen operates each school day. The tasty and nutritional foods comply with the Fresh Tastes NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy of the Department of Education and Communities (DEC).

Lunch orders can be made via Flexischools.

Flexischools is simple and convenient to use and you may place orders in advance, set up regular orders and even submit orders up until 8.45am on the day.

Students may purchase food over the counter at recess and lunch times.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The majority of food we sell is classed as ‘green’ or everyday foods.  Many of the food items we sell are modified for school canteens and meet the strict nutritional guidelines for sugar content, fat content, sodium and portion size.  The canteen does sell some foods that are classed as ‘amber’ or ‘in moderation’ foods by NSW Health.  Parents are strongly encouraged to limit the amount of amber food consumed by their children, and to make healthy choices when ordering from the canteen.

Volunteers are always required to help prepare and serve food on a day of your choice per month. Parents, friends and grandparents are also welcome. Just see the smiles on those faces when they see you behind the counter! Due to health and safety issues, toddlers cannot be brought into the canteen.

The canteen is an important service to our school but we do not operate it as a fundraiser.  Our primary objective is to serve quality food to the children but if we have any surplus funds at the end of the year, they are returned to the P&C.  

If you have any questions or feedback about the canteen you can pop a note in the canteen mail box in the office.

Pizza Scrolls and Homemade Lasagne

We have a new morning tea item on trial. Pizza Scrolls!! They are 60c and available while stocks last.

We have also been experimenting on a homemade lasagne. This is made with the Beacon Bol meat, pasta sheets and a cheese sauce. Coming in 2016!!!!

Canteen Staff

A photo of Jenny and Lee helping out at the BHPS canteen

Lee Purser and Jenny Harrison - canteen managers